Learning is a series of in depth workshops for TU Delft. It will help you develop a personal, more comfortable and effective way of learning.

We will work with mindset (fixed/growth), awareness of personal preference and rhythm (early/late, alone/with others), becoming aware of personal needs and interfering factors (what do you need to flourish).

Learning is also about the ‘inner game’: how do you cope with anxiety, feedback, set-backs, difficult course materials.

Methods: practice and movement, model of body-mind interaction, awareness & reflection, anxiety and judgment in relation to motivation, autonomy and cooperation.

For more information, visit Career & Counseling Services, TU Delft and check their monthly activity calendar.


These were the five evenings in the Learning program, spring 2019:

  • 1st evening: Process & Goals
  • 2nd evening: Focus & Distraction
  • 3rd evening: The inner game
  • 4th evening: Review & Rewrite
  • 5th evening: Feelings & Needs

If you would like to view the summary slide, you can find it here.