Find your own path! Self-leadership is a program that helps you focus your energy and direct your own life, in accordance to your talents and to what really matters to you.

You will learn to know what’s most important to you, to recognize your longing, and to experience your inner drive.

And, even more important, to deal with the obstacles you meet, and to unmask the forces that derive you and make you waste your time.

These workshops help you to direct, support and appreciate yourself, to enjoy the process and achieve your goals.
We will work theory based, with dialogue, free writing and interactive exercises.

For more information, visit Career & Counseling Services, TU Delft and check their monthly activity calendar.


These were the five evenings in the Self-leadership program, spring 2019:

  • 1st evening: Leadership & Core values
  • 2nd evening: Focus & Influence
  • 3rd evening: Distinctiveness
  • 4th evening: Feelings & Needs
  • 5th evening: Trust & Appreciation

If you would like to view the summary slide, you can find it here.