Learning is a series of in depth workshops for TU Delft. It will help you develop a personal, more comfortable and effective way of learning.

This program helps you to regain overview, calmness and focus. You’ll find ways to cope with anxiety, distraction and difficult course materials. As well as with doubt and set-backs, in order to develop your personal way of learning, in a more comfortable and effective way.

We will work on mindset (fixed/growth), awareness of personal preference and rhythm (early/late, alone/with others), personal needs and interfering factors (what do you need to flourish).

Methods: practice and movement, model of body-mind interaction, awareness & reflection, anxiety and judgment in relation to motivation, autonomy and cooperation.

For more information, visit Career & Counseling Services, TU Delft and check their monthly activity calendar.


These are the five evenings in the Learning program:

  • 1st evening: Process & Goals (optimize & understand)
  • 2nd evening: Focus & Distraction (resilience: stay on track)
  • 3rd evening: Counterforces & Coping (intercept and choose)
  • 4th evening: Feelings & Needs (strategies to flourish)
  • 5th evening: Mindset & Motivation (self-guidance)

If you would like to view the summary slide, you can find it here.