Match (Erasmus MC)

Professional coaching for Erasmus MC PhD candidates. Are you interested in exploring future career opportunities, or are you struggling with doubts, confidence or work-life balance? We believe in the power of coaching!


MATCH is a professional coaching program with independent, professionally trained coaches, and Herzien coaching & advies is part of them! A coaching trajectory is individual, free of charge, and results-oriented with a focus on self-reflection and talent development. We work in both Dutch and English.

Want to know more about the way we work, and what Herzien can do for you? Check out this video!


why coaching?

Many professionals have positive experiences with a professional coach as support for their personal development and balance. Sometimes there are limiting beliefs that hold you back in your development, without you knowing it. Research shows that coaching allows for professional and personal growth, results in less stress and burnout complaints and a healthy work-life balance.

In the hustle and bustle of your PhD program, there is often limited time and space for self-reflection. Through coaching you will learn to be stronger and more aware of your role. It provides insight into your own potential, so you know where your strengths lie and how you can use them.

What are your plans for after your PhD trajectory? Where do you see yourself in five years? And how do you get there? Do you suffer from choice stress? Or would you like to talk about your future and discuss all the possibilities? Our coaches challenge you to get the best out of yourself.


the need for coaching

Excellent research and care are the primary goals within teaching hospitals. This entails having the best professionals in the right positions. Achieving excellence in technical innovation also demands the optimization of human skills – adaptable and reflective top researchers who align with the rapidly changing research landscape.


why MATCH?

MATCH is the acronym for: Medical Academic Talent-based Career perspectives in Healthcare.

We have noticed that for PhD candidates there is a need for support in professional development, career choice and optimal performance. Therefore, Erasmus MC Graduate School and the MATCH team worked together to develop a program for PhD candidates. A coach helps you make the right choices for your future!


how do I register?

As a second- or third-year PhD candidate at Erasmus MC, you can enroll in our MATCH coaching program. Check out the criteria and go to the registration form. ( Hope to see you soon!